Poker Profits is a website designed to help poker players keep track of their buy ins and cashes at the poker tables. In our experience, the only way to keep track of your bankroll across online sites and in brick and mortar casinos is via a spreadsheet. This can be difficult to set up, not convenient to use and doesn’t provide much additional information. Some free apps are available, but they also have limitations. Tracking software is useful, but cannot be used on all poker sites nor in live games. Finally there are sites like Sharkscope, which have a lot of features and provide useful information but are more expensive which is prohibitive for lower and mid-stakes players.

Therefore Poker Profits was written by a poker player to solve a lot of these problems. It is very inexpensive, with all features available for just $1.49 per month or $14.99 per year. It can be used to record all of your results for any site, online or live and also provides you with a range of reports and a data dashboard which is rich with information such as your hourly rate, ROI, final tables, podium finishes and more. Learn more.

Signing up is a relatively straightforward process. Just enter a username and password, your email address and we will send you an email to confirm the address. You will then be directed to our membership page, where you will be able to choose from four membership options: Premium, Tournament, Cash and a Free membership option. As the names suggest, Tournament allows you to record tournament results, Cash allows you to record Cash Game results and Premium provides access to all features including data dashboards. Learn more.

Poker Profits can be configured to meet your requirements as a poker player, depending upon the stakes you play at, the poker sites or casinos, the poker variants (e.g. Hold’Em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud etc.) and even the name of the event such as the Sunday Million, Progressive Knockout Tournaments or Deepstack games and more. Learn more.

To add a record, whether it is a tournament or cash game, simply select the location or site, the poker variant e.g. Hold’Em, the amount you have bought in for, number of seats, and the limit (e.g. no-limit, pot-limit, fixed). When the tournament or cash game has finished you enter the amount you have cashed out for and can add comments. For tournaments you can also enter the position you finished in. Learn more.

All of your tournament and cash game records can be viewed, edited or deleted. You are also able to filter your results. For example, tournaments and cash games can be filtered by buy in, cash out, start date, end date and poker variant. Learn more.

Poker Profits offers a wide variety of reports for tournaments and cash games. These include, your cashes over time, cumulative profits over time, and reports grouped by either poker variant, table size / number of seats, buy in, game format, location and blinds (for cash games). The data dashboard provides even more detail: total hours played, number of games, hourly win rate, return on investment, % of in the money finishes, average buy ins, current bankroll, podium finishes, and your biggest winning and losing sessions. The data dashboard information can also be filtered by buy ins, cash outs, date, location and poker variant. This enables you to analyse your performance at the tables. Learn more.

Your profile and membership can be changed at any time. This facility is available under the settings menu. For example you can move up from free membership to tournament, cash game or premium or change from a monthly to annual subscription. You can also move between membership levels either up (e.g. from tournament to premium) or down (e.g. from premium to cash game or free).

We value your privacy at Poker-Profits. To view our policies regarding privacy and data use the following links:

The Poker Profits website is under continual development to improve features for users. This includes additional reports, import / export data, poker tutorials, and much more. We welcome feedback from customers. If you have suggestions for how we could improve the site, please use the contact form (use the link on the menu bar).